Is It Time to Build Your Dream Home or Renovation?

After years of steady increases, lumber prices have finally begun to fall. This could be a good time for any home improvement or new home construction.

After two years of steady increases, lumber prices are retrenching and becoming somewhat normal. The current inflation rate has continued to hurt lumber and other construction material costs. “Last Friday, lumber prices in the U.S. dropped below $500 per thousand board feet for the first time in nearly a year. That marked a 67 percent…

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Second Homes, Vacation Rentals Alive and Well

Hi Joe, Long time no talk, we would like to buy the property next door to the beach house we bought 5 years ago, thanks to you. In any case, the property we purchased is now worth almost double what we paid. We’ve been renting the property for about 12 to 15 weeks per year…

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People


  “Mr. Petrowsky, My attorney shared your contact information. I have a serious problem with the home we are living in, will share some background info. We have been renting the property we are living at for the last two years we have an option for another year. The problem is, we were just served…

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These Bedfellows are Not Good for Homeowners

Where is NAR? – National Real Estate Post Full disclosure, I am not a fan of Opendoor, Zillow or any of the ibuyer platforms. I have seen ibuyers purchase properties from clients that wanted to sell quickly and it cost the sellers thousands of dollars. I have seen many of these agreements, the fees really…

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Can You Do a Home Equity Line of Credit for Us?

Depending on the value of your home and your interest rate, a Home Equity Line of Credit could be the best way to finance home improvements.

  “Greetings Joe, Hope you are doing well. You did our mortgage 4 years ago and got us a fantastic rate, which we don’t want to give up. We want to do some home improvements and pay off one credit card. Was wondering, can you do a home equity line of credit for us? If…

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“We Should Have Listened to You!”

Home Inspection

“I want to apologize to you as Jill and I were very foolish and now are paying for our stupidity. Not sure you would have any interest in speaking to us after we blew you off and did our mortgage with Bank of America, what a s*** show that was. Our main problem, we purchased…

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NO Slow Down in Demand for Multifamily Properties

“Good morning, Joe We have been contemplating the idea of a multifamily in Hartford (4+ units) with prices ranging between $450,000 – $800,000 We currently have a tenant with Section 8 privileges and would like to explore that option in Hartford. The last time we spoke on the phone, based on our current loan for…

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“Do You Do Mortgages in Puerto Rico?”

“Mr. Petrowsky, Not sure you remember us, but you helped us get our mortgage 11 years ago and we have made the decision to move to Puerto Rico. Do you do mortgages there? We are at a point that we can’t afford to buy a new home in Central Ma. We are very fortunate that…

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Have You Ever Wondered?

Why are there so many apartments being built and why are there so few single-family homes being built? Have you seen how much 2–3-bedroom units are renting for? Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a single family, two family, three family, or even a four family home? Wouldn’t it be a novel idea to…

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Pressure to Use a Different LOAN Officer

“Hi Joe, As you know a few months ago I received my real estate license and am very excited about my ability to earn a good living. With your help over the last 20 years and we have no debt other than our mortgage and Jim is doing extremely well so am not under any…

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