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A New Chapter for Right Trac


Dear Right Trac family, It is with great sadness that we announce that Joe Petrowsky passed away late last year. Joe was an incredible husband, father, and member of the community. He will be truly missed by all of us at Right Trac, as well as the thousands of clients he served over 40 years…

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“I am not going to wait around to find a new home for us”


“Mr. Petrowsky, I am in the financial industry which is in a state of flux, as I know you truly understand. I don’t actually know how long I have been following you on LinkedIn, but one thing I know for sure, you have a very good handle on what is going on. My wife and…

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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Decisions


“My attorney referred me to you. I am currently in foreclosure, but in spite of the situation I have a good amount of equity. Here is the thing, I can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy or a chapter 7 and wipe out all my obligations. I want to keep the home, but I have held…

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The Neighborhood is a 10, Spend the Money

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. Let us help you get started today.

Call me crazy, but I am going to do another flip. Still working with the original investor you gave me a couple of years ago. The property is in the same subdivision as the last one. As you know the last one made over eighty big ones. So, do I go balls to the wall…

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Yes, You Can Refinance Out of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


“Joe, Can you get me some business cards and will forward to my BK attorney. She said she is blown away that you were able to refinance me out of my Chapter 13. Actually, I can’t get over it either. You can’t imagine how much of a difference this refinance will make in our lives.…

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We have the Perfect Solution!


Mr. Petrowsky, I have been flipping houses for quite some time. I use XXXXXXXX Funding for my hard money loans. I recently finished a 3 family and put a lot more money into it than I should have, and priced it for sale higher than I can get for the property. The property has been…

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Buying a Home that Needs Renovations


My realtor gave me your contact information, he showed us a home that needs extensive renovations. The bank that she normally works with doesn’t do any kind of renovation mortgages and they recommended calling you. You do these types of loans, correct? The asking price is $640,000 and has been on the market for quite…

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Today’s Cost of Living Can Change Everything


“Hi Joe Long time no talk, hope all is good with you. If you recall we purchased a home in North Carolina a few years ago with plans to move down there once we both retired. Well, that was the plan, but not happening. We need to keep working for at least another 5 years.…

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Can Home Buyers Afford to Buy New Homes?


I would have said NO WAY, but I have seen the light! Recently, a close friend and builder took a road trip to Pennsylvania to a modular home factory. It was amazing to see homes being built the way cars are built on an assembly line. NO worries about rain or snow. Because the construction happens…

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