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The HELOC is Going to Change My Life!


“Joe I want to thank you for letting me know about the REMN 5 day Heloc. It is going to change my life. I am paying off and paying down debt. I will be able to get my credit score back where they belong. I will lower my monthly bills. It will also reduce my…

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Construction Loan for a 4-Family


“I did a Google search and came across your name. I also viewed a couple of your blogs regarding new construction. I live in New York and want to build a 4-family home – three other family members and myself. I have spoken to numerous lenders including banks and couldn’t find anyone that would talk…

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Sure the Rate is Important… But?


Joe, Not sure if you remember me, but you did my mortgage a little over 4 years ago. The emails you are sending got me thinking about financing or I should say refinancing needs. With inflation where it is, the cost of everything has gone up to a point that I am going to start…

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Who Says New Agents Can’t be Successful?


“Hi Joe, I am doing another open house on Saturday, can you keep your cell phone on again, just in case? This one is a little higher priced. I still can’t believe you were able to get the buyers pre-qualified over the phone. They told me they are delighted to be working with you. I…

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Buying a Home with a Friend

women shaking hands

“Mr. Petrowsky, My dad gave me your contact information. I have a friend and we have discussed purchasing a home together. I am paying nearly $1400 rent and she is paying a little more than that. So, we thought about pooling our resources and buying a home together instead of paying rent. My dad is…

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“There is no better time to be a real estate investor”


Hi Joe, I am so delighted that I listened to you. The first week of April I sold my entire portfolio, it looks like about 200K in gains, but I don’t care. Now that I am sitting with a bunch of money, I want to add to my real estate portfolio. The three properties that…

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Don’t Panic Over Interest Rates!!


For those of us, that have been in the mortgage lending business for a while we’ve seen all this before. I know that every real estate market is different, but here is what I am seeing currently. About 50% of purchase agreements are under contract at or below the asking price, while 50% are under…

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Can You Get Us a Mortgage to have a Home Built?


“Mr. Petrowsky, We were given your name by our next-door neighbors. We have been home searching for over a year and haven’t been able to buy. Adam told us that you did a construction loan for them and they are a month away from their home being finished. I understand that he is having a…

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We Lack a Down Payment


“Mr. Petrowsky, We spoke about a dozen years ago, looking for a mortgage. At the time you could not do a mortgage for us as our debt ratio was very high. You even brought up a topic we just didn’t want to hear, which was bankruptcy. We didn’t do it then, but 5 years later…

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Right Trac Financial Group Trac Financial Group, Inc.
Mortgage Broker License Number: NMLS#2709
Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. is licensed in the following states:
Connecticut: Correspondent Mortgage Lender License/MCL-2709 - acting as a MORTGAGE BROKER ONLY, NOT A LENDER OR A CORRESPONDENT MORTGAGE LENDER.
Florida: Mortgage Broker License/MBR4255
Massachusetts: Mortgage Broker License/MB2709 - We arrange but do not  make loans.
New York: Mortgage Broker Registration/RMB 015416 - Loans Arranged by  Third Parties.
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