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Can Home Buyers Afford to Buy New Homes?


I would have said NO WAY, but I have seen the light!

Recently, a close friend and builder took a road trip to Pennsylvania to a modular home factory. It was amazing to see homes being built the way cars are built on an assembly line. NO worries about rain or snow. Because the construction happens in ideal conditions, and there is a large volume of construction, building costs are dramatically lower.

During our meeting with the factory managers, they were blown away when I shared the ability to secure new home financing through FHAVAUSDA, or Conventional construction to permanent mortgages. They told us they aren’t aware of a better collaboration between client, builder and lender than what we have, and they have been doing modular homes since 1984!

We are currently in a real estate market where higher interest rates are the norm. That is not going to change anytime soon.

It is time for all of us to get more creative.

Stop being priced out of the home buying market. 

Communicate with me to see what is possible, there’s a good chance you will be surprised.

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