Have You Ever Wondered?

Why are there so many apartments being built and why are there so few single-family homes being built? Have you seen how much 2–3-bedroom units are renting for? Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a single family, two family, three family, or even a four family home? Wouldn’t it be a novel idea to build equity instead of collecting rent slips?

I was recently at a planning and zoning meeting. There was a builder presenting a sub-division proposal of six lots. With questions being asked by the committee, you would have thought he was being cross-examined in a murder trial! What the hell? I thought we wanted more single-family homes being built?

You could clearly see the frustration on the face of the builder. I had to ask, what did you do to them? Why have they got it out for you?

He told me that he has been here before, this being his fifth meeting, and was to the point of hiring a lawyer and suing them.

There is something really wrong with this picture.

Let me know what you think……

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