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Lack of Water is a Real Problem


“Mr. Petrowsky,
Your name has come up a number of times, basically you do mortgages in all of New England. We moved to California a little over 25 years ago and it is time for us to move back east. We moved to California for many reasons and most of those reasons have disappeared, but most importantly is the dwindling water supply. We have a farm and two of our ponds have dried up, which has never happened before.
We have put our property on the market and are getting a pretty good response, but not sure how long it will take to finally sell. The local buyers understand the water issues, so we understand it may take a while for us to sell.
Most of our family lives in the Northeast, so that is the direction we are going. We are currently speaking with an agent in Massachusetts regarding purchasing a horse property. The agent indicated that you did a couple of mortgages for him that were for hobby farms.
My wife is self employed and can do her business from anywhere and I have worked for the same company for nearly 15 years and work from home, so can live anywhere. So, we will have no issue qualifying for a mortgage. We estimate our price range between one million and 1.5 million, maybe a bit higher, expect to be putting down $500,000.
Our plan is to move by the end of the year, so tell us what you need from us so that we can get a pre-qualification letter?
Looking forward to working with you.
Regards Clyde & Ruth”

Water, or the lack of it, will continue to plague parts of the country, especially the West Coast. For so many years just the opposite was the case. How things are changing.

New England might stand to benefit from those fleeing drought-prone locations.

If you or someone you know is thinking about relocating to New England, get in touch to learn about options.

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