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Can You Get Us a Mortgage to have a Home Built?


“Mr. Petrowsky,

We were given your name by our next-door neighbors.

We have been home searching for over a year and haven’t been able to buy. Adam told us that you did a construction loan for them and they are a month away from their home being finished. I understand that he is having a modular home built.

When we discussed this possibility with a current loan officer, he told us we don’t qualify for any kind of construction loan. When I talked to Adam, he told me that sounded like pretty much what he was told. He told us that the builder gave them your name.

Can you get us a mortgage to have a home built??”

Of course, we can do a construction loan!! There are several different types of construction loans. A person can go FHA, VA, USDA, or a Conventional mortgage that can go from the construction to a permanent mortgage. Straight construction loans are also available, we even have a product if the person wants to build their home without a general contractor.

If you want to discuss a construction loan, let’s do it!

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