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Yes, You Can Refinance Out of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy



Can you get me some business cards and will forward to my BK attorney. She said she is blown away that you were able to refinance me out of my Chapter 13. Actually, I can’t get over it either.

You can’t imagine how much of a difference this refinance will make in our lives. Making nearly $2,000 monthly to the trustee was killing us, especially the cost of everything these day. My attorney told me she was not aware that someone can refinance out of a chapter 13, amazing!!

I put a blurb on my Facebook page, as many of our friends know about the financial challenges over the past few years. Not sure if you get any more business out of it as few people want to discuss this kind of issue.

You are truly making such a difference in our lives!!”


You would think all attorneys working in bankruptcy would know individuals can refinance out of a Chapter 13, but not the case. It’s a shame that there are so many people needlessly stuck in bankruptcy.

  • If you know an attorney that practices bankruptcy law, I would be happy to speak to them.
  • And even better, if you know someone in a Chapter13, I’d be happy to discuss a refinance with them.

These days, every penny counts. Let me know if I can help you or someone you know.

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