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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Decisions


“My attorney referred me to you. I am currently in foreclosure, but in spite of the situation I have a good amount of equity. Here is the thing, I can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy or a chapter 7 and wipe out all my obligations. I want to keep the home, but I have held…

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Yes, You Can Refinance Out of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


“Joe, Can you get me some business cards and will forward to my BK attorney. She said she is blown away that you were able to refinance me out of my Chapter 13. Actually, I can’t get over it either. You can’t imagine how much of a difference this refinance will make in our lives.…

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We Need to Stop Becoming a Nation of Renters


“Mr Petrowsky Your name was given to me by my sister, she recently became a real estate agent and recommended we reach out to you. We are currently paying $2,100 rent and landlord is planning on putting the property up for sale. My sister suggested we take to you about buying instead of collecting rent…

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Stop Paying Someone to Fix Your Credit!


“Mr. Petrowsky I came across your name while doing a number of searches about fixing my credit. I have been paying a law firm $100 per month for 9 months, but not really seeing any major improvements on my score. The only thing that I am seeing is that we are disputing various accounts. We…

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The HELOC is Going to Change My Life!


“Joe I want to thank you for letting me know about the REMN 5 day Heloc. It is going to change my life. I am paying off and paying down debt. I will be able to get my credit score back where they belong. I will lower my monthly bills. It will also reduce my…

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A HELOC takes a Weight off Our Shoulders


“Hi Joe, You are a life saver. We must have been one of your first callers after reading you were now doing home equity lines of credit. We paid our daughter’s college tuition and we decided to pay off a credit card off and the balance of my car loan. What a weight off our…

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“Joy of Being in the People Problem Solving Business”


“Mr. Petrowsky, Can’t thank you enough for coming up with an amazing mortgage solution. As you know we were getting close to the point we going to have a capital gain from the sale of our previous home. We were not even aware that we could do a buydown of the interest rate. What a…

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Reverse Mortgages, Good or Bad Idea?

Hi Joe, Hope you are well. When it comes to mortgages, there is no one else I would rather talk to and get advice from. We have a family member that may be looking for a reverse mortgage. It’s a little complicated, so I would like to talk to you when you have a few…

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With Inflation where it is, Debt Consolidation is a Big Deal!

Good to talk to you earlier today. I can’t believe I am thankful about giving up our 3.75% mortgage and looking at refinancing to a 5.5% rate. When I called, I had no direction, especially after getting laid off a couple of weeks ago, 4 of us got pink slips and we did not see…

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