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Can Home Buyers Afford to Buy New Homes?


I would have said NO WAY, but I have seen the light! Recently, a close friend and builder took a road trip to Pennsylvania to a modular home factory. It was amazing to see homes being built the way cars are built on an assembly line. NO worries about rain or snow. Because the construction happens…

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FHA Mortgage Contingencies are OK These Days


“Hi Joe, I have gotten two calls from my real estate agent last week, that actually hasn’t happened in a while. He tells me that there are a number of properties that are now available in my price range. He indicated that he has spoke to the listing agents, and they don’t see an issue…

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We Need to Stop Becoming a Nation of Renters


“Mr Petrowsky Your name was given to me by my sister, she recently became a real estate agent and recommended we reach out to you. We are currently paying $2,100 rent and landlord is planning on putting the property up for sale. My sister suggested we take to you about buying instead of collecting rent…

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Will I be able to Buy a Home in 2022?


“Thank you so much for giving me hope. I learned more from you in 15 minutes than I learned from two previous loan people that I spoke with over the last two years. I am sick of paying $1,625 for rent!! I have paid off the two collection accounts, as you suggested I took out…

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Stop Paying Someone to Fix Your Credit!


“Mr. Petrowsky I came across your name while doing a number of searches about fixing my credit. I have been paying a law firm $100 per month for 9 months, but not really seeing any major improvements on my score. The only thing that I am seeing is that we are disputing various accounts. We…

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Buying a Home with a Friend

women shaking hands

“Mr. Petrowsky, My dad gave me your contact information. I have a friend and we have discussed purchasing a home together. I am paying nearly $1400 rent and she is paying a little more than that. So, we thought about pooling our resources and buying a home together instead of paying rent. My dad is…

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Should I Buy Now or Wait?


I am asked this question every day, “should I buy now or wait?” Some people get influenced by TV prognosticators that often don’t have a clue. This article has some common sense! Don’t expect home prices to come crashing down anytime soon. First time home buyers have had a tough time finding affordable housing and are…

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Should We Wait To Buy a Home?


“Mr. Petrowsky, We are getting a little freaked out with all the housing news lately. Some of it sounds like values are going to drop, some are saying that the drop will be pretty serious. Should we stop looking a wait a year a two and just bite the bullet and keep renting?” More prospective…

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Told We Should Wait Another Year

For those with non-traditional income, a bank statement mortgage could be the key to securing a loan, and a home!

We met with a loan officer at our bank a couple of months ago and basically told us we should wait another year before we consider buying. We were a bit discouraged as we are paying almost $1900 per month rent and felt if we could buy and not pay much more. We would much…

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“We Should Have Listened to You!”

Home Inspection

“I want to apologize to you as Jill and I were very foolish and now are paying for our stupidity. Not sure you would have any interest in speaking to us after we blew you off and did our mortgage with Bank of America, what a s*** show that was. Our main problem, we purchased…

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