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The Neighborhood is a 10, Spend the Money

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. Let us help you get started today.

Call me crazy, but I am going to do another flip. Still working with the original investor you gave me a couple of years ago. The property is in the same subdivision as the last one. As you know the last one made over eighty big ones. So, do I go balls to the wall…

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We have the Perfect Solution!


Mr. Petrowsky, I have been flipping houses for quite some time. I use XXXXXXXX Funding for my hard money loans. I recently finished a 3 family and put a lot more money into it than I should have, and priced it for sale higher than I can get for the property. The property has been…

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NO Tax Returns or Job Required


“Joe, I recently went to a Bigger Pockets event and your name came up. I was speaking with one of your clients about a mortgage for investment properties. He told me that he has good credit, but his tax returns aren’t very good, which is my situation. Can you help me as well?”   An…

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Mixed-Use Property Mortgages


“Hi Joe, I have been searching for a mortgage for a mixed-use property but have not been successful. I have spoken to my bank and don’t really remember how many mortgage companies. It just seems they just don’t want to lend on this kind of property. One company told me they would give me a…

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“There is no better time to be a real estate investor”


Hi Joe, I am so delighted that I listened to you. The first week of April I sold my entire portfolio, it looks like about 200K in gains, but I don’t care. Now that I am sitting with a bunch of money, I want to add to my real estate portfolio. The three properties that…

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Will the Failing Chinese Real Estate Market Affect America?


  The real estate market in China has been in serious trouble for some time. Depending on how serious the situation gets, it will most likely have a big effect on the US bond market, which will affect our interest rates. This article will give you a lot more insight into China’s overall economy and…

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Income Property Investors, in a Buying Frenzy


According to DS News, “real estate investors bought 87,500 U.S. homes in Q2 of 2022, up 11% quarter-over-quarter and 5.9% year-over-year.” -Real Estate Investors Purchased a Record $60.1B in Q2   Every investor I talk to is not concerned about a real estate bubble, not in the slightest. Everyone I speak to doesn’t see a downturn…

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Second Homes, Vacation Rentals Alive and Well


Hi Joe, Long time no talk, we would like to buy the property next door to the beach house we bought 5 years ago, thanks to you. In any case, the property we purchased is now worth almost double what we paid. We’ve been renting the property for about 12 to 15 weeks per year…

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