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With Inflation where it is, Debt Consolidation is a Big Deal!

Good to talk to you earlier today. I can’t believe I am thankful about giving up our 3.75% mortgage and looking at refinancing to a 5.5% rate. When I called, I had no direction, especially after getting laid off a couple of weeks ago, 4 of us got pink slips and we did not see…

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Is Refinancing into a Higher Interest Rate, a Good Idea?

Even with rising interest rates, refinancing existing loans can still make sense.

I recently received this email after a phone call: “Joe, thank you for taking my call yesterday. As promised, Ruth and I went over the options and your recommendation. We are going to move forward with the refinance. As you said, giving up a 3.25% rate to go into a 5.125%% rate is a tough…

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With Rising Home Values, Refinancing May Not Necessary to Eliminate PMI

Eliminating PMI is a great way to lower your monthly bills and save money. And with property values increasing, you might not need to refinance to eliminate PMI.

I recently received this email from a client: “Hi Joe, I hope all is well with you and your family. We have been discussing our monthly mortgage insurance, do we need to refinance to eliminate it? What are your thoughts, as we owe under $380,000 and I’d think we would appraise over $500,000? Thanks!” Refinancing…

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