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Yes, You Can Refinance Out of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


“Joe, Can you get me some business cards and will forward to my BK attorney. She said she is blown away that you were able to refinance me out of my Chapter 13. Actually, I can’t get over it either. You can’t imagine how much of a difference this refinance will make in our lives.…

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A VA Mortgage is a Perfect Solution!


“Hi Joe, My name is Jim XXXXX, I had a mortgage application denied by Wells Fargo. The home appraisal came in below what we need to refinance into a conventional loan. We are very frustrated with the bank, they certainly didn’t offer any other options for us. My wife’s boss gave her your contact information,…

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Not Paying Your Property Taxes, Not a Good Idea


“Joe, I want to thank you again for getting the refinance done for me. I know it wasn’t a lot of revenues for you, but can tell you it meant the world to me. I can’t believe how stupid I was not paying my property taxes. When I had a mortgage, the taxes were included…

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“My Credit is Really Bad”


“Mr Petrowsky, I did some online searches and came across your name a couple of times. Here is my situation, I am recently divorced and need to refinance my home however, my credit is really bad. My ex was supposed to be paying all the bills including credit cards and car loans and I was…

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Sure the Rate is Important… But?


Joe, Not sure if you remember me, but you did my mortgage a little over 4 years ago. The emails you are sending got me thinking about financing or I should say refinancing needs. With inflation where it is, the cost of everything has gone up to a point that I am going to start…

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My Bank Just Didn’t Seem Interested

“Mr. Petrowsky, You did my loan about 11 years ago. I don’t know why I didn’t reach out to you before this, in any case I need to refinance. Jerry and I are getting a divorce and I will be retaining the home, so need your help. I went to our bank, they gave me…

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A HELOC takes a Weight off Our Shoulders


“Hi Joe, You are a life saver. We must have been one of your first callers after reading you were now doing home equity lines of credit. We paid our daughter’s college tuition and we decided to pay off a credit card off and the balance of my car loan. What a weight off our…

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With Inflation where it is, Debt Consolidation is a Big Deal!

Good to talk to you earlier today. I can’t believe I am thankful about giving up our 3.75% mortgage and looking at refinancing to a 5.5% rate. When I called, I had no direction, especially after getting laid off a couple of weeks ago, 4 of us got pink slips and we did not see…

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Is Refinancing into a Higher Interest Rate, a Good Idea?

Even with rising interest rates, refinancing existing loans can still make sense.

I recently received this email after a phone call: “Joe, thank you for taking my call yesterday. As promised, Ruth and I went over the options and your recommendation. We are going to move forward with the refinance. As you said, giving up a 3.25% rate to go into a 5.125%% rate is a tough…

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