I can’t tell you how excited we are, WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!

When we originally spoke a few months ago, I truly didn’t believe we would be buying a home anytime soon. When you told us that we qualified for a mortgage it was overwhelming. Sure, you pointed out that a couple of our credit cards had high balances that we should pay down, which we did immediately, and we had three collection accounts that were report on our report each month which hurt our scores.

We had spoken to two other loan officers last year, no one coached us as to what to do to improve our scores. All we heard was negative BS. Thank you for making us feel good about ourselves.

One more thing, the Realtor you referred to us was amazing, we will continue to refer both of you!!”

What a good feeling, becoming a homeowner for the first time! It has always been my belief and conviction that anyone that wants to own a home should be able to have that opportunity.

So many will not have that opportunity without coaching. Credit is one of the biggest issues, folks constantly tell me, they just don’t know what to do or how to possibly improve credit. Just as important, there are many that do not have any credit scores – yes, we can do mortgages for them as well.

Folks have told me they make their payments on time, but their scores don’t improve. Even though payments are made on time and the balance is more than 1/3 of the high credit limit, the scores will drop instead of going up.

There are so many ways to improve credit, but it takes a commitment.

“Who Else Do You Know That Needs My Help?”

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