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We Lack a Down Payment


“Mr. Petrowsky,
We spoke about a dozen years ago, looking for a mortgage. At the time you could not do a mortgage for us as our debt ratio was very high. You even brought up a topic we just didn’t want to hear, which was bankruptcy. We didn’t do it then, but 5 years later we did end up filing.

In any case we want to buy a home, our credit is good, we both have good jobs, but lack a down payment.

I was online earlier today and came across your name and read that you had a down payment assistance program. Can we qualify for this program? We can come to your office to discuss or do a zoom call, whatever works best for you.”

Making a sizeable down payment is one of the main reasons that folks continue to rent rather than buy a home. There are other reasons, but a down payment is a major factor.

But now we have a solution – We are offering down payment assistance on FHA mortgage, a minimum of 620 mid-credit score is required. That means the lender will cover the cost of the down payment.

If a down payment is not an issue any longer, why continue to pay rent?

Contact me with any questions.

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Mortgage Broker License Number: MB2709
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